Wednesday, December 5, 2012

New Orleans...Pelicans? Name Change Coming for 2013-14 Season

The New Orleans Hornets are in the middle of a complete revamping.  They drafted two big names in Austin Rivers and Anthony Davis this offseason, and eight of the 13 players on their roster are in the second year of their career or less.

To try and re-brand themselves, apparently their latest bright idea is to rename the team for the 2013-14 season.  The proposed idea?  The New Orleans Pelicans.

The name of the Pelicans was first used in 1887 by a minor league baseball team in the New Orleans area.  Ditching the name would be great news because it could give way for the Charlotte Bobcats to take the name back, which His Airness, Bobcats chairman Michael Jordan has said the team would "entertain the opportunity."

But when I think of Pelicans, I think of the hockey team from Finland or I think of Nigel from "Finding Nemo," but it would make sense for a bad basketball team.

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