Monday, December 2, 2013

And the 100th "Hottest" Song This Week According to Billboard's "The Hot 100" Is...

Everybody hears the Top 40 songs way too often. So let's try something different. The 100th best song of the week every week.

Some weeks it will be a washed up hit. Other weeks it will be something new, maybe even a future #1 on the rise. I can guarantee you one thing though the 100th best song in America could be anything from country to hip-hop to polka.

So stay on your toes, folks. We're in for a wild ride.

Week 1:
Artist: Jon Pardi
Song: Up All Night
Peak: 99 (last week)

My Rating:
If you're into country music you have heard this jam. It's a real toe-tapper. Jon Pardi is new on the scene but if he keeps firing off singles like this, you will be hearing his name more often. Throw it on your 2014 country power hour playlist and drink up. 

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