Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Do People Actually Say "Wicked Pissah?"

The other day I came across an article entitled “13 Sayings Only People From New England Can Understand.”  Of course, in the spirit of lists like this, the majority of the sayings on the list don’t fit. (See Buzzfeed) There were some sayings that I’ve never even heard before and some I'm sure I’ll never hear, and I’ve lived in New England my whole life.

I could provide insight into each one of these supposed “New England sayings,” but I’ll spare everyone.  However, I cannot spare the number one saying on the list, “wicked.”  A paragraph under this saying goes further into detail and quotes the use of the saying “wicked pissah.” Here’s where I get confused.

Is the saying “wicked pissah” actually something that people say?  The only times I’ve ever been exposed to this saying is when I either pass by vendors outside of Fenway Park or the TD Garden and see it printed on shirts or when I come across pretentious lists like these.

Being from Rhode Island, it’s possible I haven’t been around the demographics that use this phrase, but I’ve been in Boston since starting at Emmanuel in 2008 and not once have I ever heard this saying used authentically.

So please, someone tell me, does anyone really say this?  Because it seems to me that this saying has been assigned to this region and is as off base as 90% of Boston accents heard in TV shows and movies.

One more thing; doesn’t “pissah” sound like a bad thing?

Also, this video is somewhat related and I wanted to include it because I laugh every time that idiot says “Arahbicah BAINS!”

Oh, and here's the link to that sayings list of you have some time to waste.

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  1. There was a reddit thread or forum post I read a few months ago asking the "wicked pissah" question. Apparently it was popular in the 1970's... maybe. I heard a contractor (40's roughly) say it once in conversation and I was so thrown off, I think it was the first time I heard it said seriously. I also never heard of some of phrases, and have always lived in New England. Guess I'm missing something!