Monday, December 23, 2013

The Hot 100: Billboard's 100th Best Song of the Week

I'm 20 seconds into this music video, and I've learned that Ariana Grande looks like she's 13, Arnold Schwarzenegger's kid, Patrick, is playing the part of Romeo, and this "Big Sean" character is playing the role of a priest.

I was going to write this without listening to the actual song, and I was going to give it a six or so just because I figured it was so ridiculous it had to be good.  But its like a weird R&B song, with party lyrics.  It's all been downhill since Week 1 it seems, but looking ahead, there's a good chance we could see some former Top 10'ers land on our list.  Ylvis and OneDirection are nearly on the ground after finishing their 15- and 19-week descent from grace.

Week 1:
Artist: Jon Pardi
Song: Up All Night
Peak: 99 (last week)

Week 2:
Artist: SchoolBoy Q featuring Kendrick Lamar
Song: Collard Greens
Peak: 92

Week 3:
Artist: Daughtry
Song: Waiting for Superman
Peak: 70

Week 4:
Artist: Ariana Grande featuring Big Sean
Song: Right There
Peak: 84

My rating:

Three. French hens. Its fits with the season, and it indicates how terrible this song is.

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