Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Emerson Faculty Having a Hissy Fit That Ron Burgundy is on Campus - “I was opposed to it from the start,” says Assistant Professor of Journalism Mark Leccese. “I don’t see what the college gets out of it, other than having its name in the media for a day. 

"I don’t see this Hollywood publicity stunt [enhancing] the reputation of Emerson’s School of Communication.”

Leccese’s discomfort was echoed by Journalism Professor Emmanuel Paraschos.

“We get calls from colleagues around the country asking if us if we lost our minds,” he said. “My college roommate called me and said, ‘What are you people smoking?’”

Paraschos has taken to wearing a specially-made name tag reading, “Ron Burgundy Professor of Journalism.” Only he has flipped the words “Emerson College” on the name tag upside down. Associate Department Chair Doug Struck took a show-me stance. “My students tell me Will Ferrell is funny,” he said. “They also tell me they have done their course work. I am skeptical on both accounts.”

"I don't see what the college gets out of it..." Let me break this down for you, Mark Leccese, you nitwit.

Major news outlets are talking about Emerson College right now --> Emerson gets noteriety ---> The notoriety gets kids interested in your communications and/or journalism  program. ----> Those kids apply to Emerson. -----> The same kids are accepted, come to Emerson and pay tuition ------> YOU KEEP YOUR FUCKING JOB...

College professors, for the most part, are such pompous bastards. All high and mighty and above everyone. Pushing their archaic beliefs on students who are paying like $3,000 for every hour in front of them. When your school's two most famous graduates are Conan O'Brien and Henry "The Fonz" Winkler, it's time to get off your high horse. Just be happy that because of Ron Burgundy, come September you will still have a job.

Looking good, Mark, looking good.

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