Thursday, December 19, 2013

Nickname Games Prove NBA is a Joke

The NBA will be allowing players to wear their nicknames in place of their actual last names on jerseys in select games coming up in the New Year.  When the Miami Heat take on the Boston Celtics on January 21st, players on the Heat will be wearing jerseys featuring the nickname of their choice.

A picture was leaked, and later tweeted out by the Sportscenter account, that shows Ray Allen's #34 Heat jersey featuring the name "J. Shuttlesworth" on the back, in reference to the character Allen played in the movie He Got Game.  It can be assumed that Lebron James will wear "King James" and there will probably be several other players wearing nicknames that no one has ever heard just to be included.

Some may think this is a cool and novel idea, but I think it's a joke.  I think the NBA is a joke of a league and publicity stunts like these only support that view.  Tell me another sport that would let their players wear their nicknames on the back in an actual game (never mind multiple games).

The worst part is the NBA will justify this decision with the money they will rake in from these jersey selling at about $110 apiece.  It's one thing to own and wear one of these jerseys as a fan, but having the players actually wear them in multiple games?  You can't honestly tell me that allowing this doesn't discredit the NBA as a professional organization.

It wouldn't surprise me if this was just the first step to having players wear whatever name they want on the back of their jersey for good.

Remember the good ole days when to put something stupid like "World Peace" on the back of your jersey you actually had to legally change your name?

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