Thursday, October 4, 2012

CBS Boston Reporting Bobby Valentine Will be Fired Before the Weekend

"The Price is Right" ended and I wasn't quick enough to get to the remote to change the channel, but today, that turned out to work in my favor.

WBZ-TV, the CBS affiliate in Boston, MA, is reporting that Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine arrived at Fenway Park early Thursday morning and is either meeting with now, or scheduled to meet with Red Sox brass including general manager Ben Cherington.  The reports indicate that these will be his exit meetings, and his termination is imminent.

I'm still not entirely sure where these reports are coming from.  Jon Heyman of CBS Sports is reporting with information from "people familiar with the situation."  I think all of Boston is familiar with the situation by now, but there has been no solid proof to support these claims.  I guess if enough people wish hard enough, right?

Heyman had a text conversation with Cherington in which Cherington responded to the idea of Valentine hitting the bricks by saying "No comment."

After watching how the season ended last night, its clear that Bobby Valentine was not the biggest problem this season, but he was absolutely not the solution.  Being around the game for that long, Valentine has become one of the best minds in the game, but this experiment just didn't pan out.

WBZ has a reporter outside of Fenway Park to await official word.  Stay tuned to Three If By Strike for any breaking developments.

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