Thursday, October 18, 2012

New Music: Spaceship Aloha

Philly favorite Man Man's rhythm section Chris Powell, aka Pow Pow (@Powserati) just released tracks from his side project, Spaceship Aloha,off of the debut album, Universe Mahalo and they're crazy good.  Born out of a visit to Hawaii with his wife, Powell's tunes are the sounds of an electric Polynesian sunburst.

Check out the linked video, Pow Pow's just having a blast with this project, bopping around on the beat machine like it aint no thang.  It's catchy and complex and I'm glad there are no lyrics to weigh these songs down.  While there's some recognizability to the patterns, Powell works the tracks all over the place.  Think of a more up-tempo RJD2 half way through three daiquiris on a beach at sunrise.

With the debut fresh out of the box, Universe Mahalo does something pretty cool for the release that I personally haven't seen before.  At the merch website, the album comes in two formats.  One $5 digital copy can be bought right out and ready to go instantly or, interested parties can choose to purchase the limited edition "plantable postcard" version of the album.  Unlock the digital download then drop the card in the earth and wait for Blue Lobelias to sprout.  At six bucks this was too good to be true and I've already got a couple copies on the way for early Christmas presents.

Check out some more of Universe Mahalo linked below and for a taste of Man Man follow the link to hear them provide the background music to some hilarious Rainn Wilson led US Women's Soccer commercials.

EDIT: I love when bands respond on twitter!

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