Monday, October 8, 2012

New Favorite Hockey Team?

With the NHL season shut down until at least Oct. 24, I've been on the search for some form of hockey.

So far, NHL 13 has kept me plenty busy, and its been the only way I can see the Tim Thomas-less Bruins get back to Stanley Cup form.  Aside from hours and hours of that, I've watched more NHL Network than I can get my head around.  I think I've seen every postseason game from last season a few times over, but its impossible to stop watching.

But on the search for a real live competitive team, I've re-stumbled across a team that surfaced about a year ago with these ads.  The Lahti Pelicans of the SM-liiga in Finland are my new team.  Watch the ads, and I think we can create a pretty good American fan base.

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