Monday, October 22, 2012

Hockey Fights Make Me Miss the NHL Even More

Trevor Gillies is not a nice guy.

Somehow, the 6-foot-3 goon was picked up in the KHL, and made his presence known on Monday with a big fight just two and a half minutes into the first period.  His opponent, Jon Mirasty, is just 5-foot-10, but with his mohawk hairstyle and nicknamed "Nasty," he knows his way around a scuffle.

But in this bout, Mirasty went down like a sack of hammers.  The two gentlemen took their time sizing each other up, but once Gillies starting tossing haymakers, it was all over.  In 57 NHL games, Gillies has racked up 261 penalty minutes.  This won't be the last time he drops the gloves in the motherland.

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