Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Cult Movies at the Coolidge

October's not quite over yet, and if my high-school movie tastes taught me anything, then I'm pretty sure that tonight, October 30th, is Devil's Night. This year, Coolidge Corner theater marks the occasion with a late night showing of the Brandon Lee classic, The Crow.  Ending the career of rising star and son of martial arts legend, Bruce Lee, The Crow is a gritty example of early 90's grunge culture moving into film and redemption story with more gore and more angst than ever before. Perfect for a midweek Halloween kickstart.

The theater at Coolidge has had an incredible line-up this month, of which I have taken advantage.  This past Saturday I attended the Halloween midnight movie double feature and I wish I had stayed through the next four films of the marathon.  Luckily, the double feature was The Exorcist followed by The Thing so I could stand to miss Day of the Dead, Phantasm, Candyman and an early Cronenberg.

Next month the Coolidge is rolling out a set of cult masterpieces.  Check out what they have coming.

THIS WEEKEND Nov 2 & 3: Predator
Next Weekend Nov 9 & 10: Evil Dead 2-Dead By Dawn
Weekend after Next Nov 16 & 17: ROBOCOP!!! Part Man. Part Machine. All Cop.

I don't know how there could be a better set of midnight movies in a row.  Bam! A buddy war movie that halfway through turns into an Schwarzenegger-at-his-prime driven sci-fi action blow 'em up. Next week, Bam!  Blow-out budget semi-sequel to the campy Sam Raimi horror film with more gags, more blood and more tree rape? Next week, Bam! The best Academy Award winning and immaculate splatterfest/cyber-action flick ever made!  Let's say if you can't find me on the weekends this month a good first guess would be at the Coolidge.

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