Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bruce is Back: A Good Day to Die Hard Trailer

Besides absolutely killing it in Expendables 2 (he murders everyone) and in Looper (he murders even more everyone) Bruce Willis now brings us, the American people, another Die Hard to look forward to.   I was a little skeptical when Rumers about this started popping up, but then I remembered the Rule of Die Hard Sequels: Odd numbers kick ass.  Allow me to elaborate; the original was an action masterpiece; Die Harder sucked jet fuel fumes.  Die Hard With A Vengeance brought back a Gruber and introduced Samuel L. Jackson into the series, Live Free or Die Hard brought back an ungrateful Lucy McClane and introduced Justin Long into the series. Game, set, match; if this movie follows the rule of the sequel, then this is going to be the Valentine's Day mandate movie of the last 10 years. This year the tables have turned ladies, don't expect hearts and chocolate; expect explosions.

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