Tuesday, October 30, 2012

From the Depths of the Internet

 Dear ThreeifbyStrike fans, Jon and Bill,

Unfortunately, this has been a quiet month for me on the blog and for that I apologize.   A busy work schedule has kept me from putting in the time I'd like to towards writing but things should be more settled down now.  The Strike be re-born!  Now that October's nearly at an end and Thanksgiving's a scant few weeks away I'll be sure to be on my toes looking around for the best for our readers. Here are a couple little treats from the black depths. 


 Liz Climo- (Featured at the top of the post.) A tumblr account showcasing the artist's simple and delightful cartoons. Think if Cyanide and Happiness played tummy sticks with the Far Side minus the weird and add in cuter animals.

 Kanye Wes Anderson- A tumblr that combines 'Yezzy's verses and dialogue from Wes Anderson films.   If it sounds bizarre, it is, but it also works.  Flashy colors look good on both Mr. West and on Anderson's characters. Gotta say,  Jason Swartzman from Rushmore sounds pretty thug with Ye's boast backing him.

He Texted- This one's a huge guilty pleasure and a huge time waster so enter into He Texted forwarned.  The site works like Texts from Last Night or FML, where anonymous posters have a forum to share the tribulations of life in a digital world.  Here's where it gets great, the messages being posted are on-going text conversations between genders where ladies can ask the internet for help deciphering the male psyche via text.  It is amazing.  All posts can be commented on with crazy advice and you can vote on whether the dude is into her or not.  Long story short, everyone's crazy....enjoy.

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