Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Mitt Romney vs. The Internet

As always, ThreeifbyStrike is not a political blog. However, with the first week in November approaching it becomes harder and harder to not comment on the current electoral atmosphere.  For example, when two hilarious Tumblrs appear heavily featuring presidential candidate Mitt Romney, how could we not share? 

Mitt and Rob- Comedian and general rapscallion Rob Delaney has made it his mission to badger Mitt Romney via Twitter. With gems like, "Obama should mount the debate stage in a carriage pulled by toddlers whose cancer was cured through RomneyCare," Delaney mercilessly, and often non-nonsensically, attacks the candidate up to several times a day. Thus far, Delaney's success rate can be measured by the difference in number of retweets between the comedian and the candidate for each of their respective twitter accounts (@mittromney). Delaney is winning handily.  Recently, a tumblr account has popped up and created cartoon versions of Delaney and Romney acting out the contents of Delaney's tweets, no matter how ridiculous they may be. The most recent post relates to bacon shortages. Enjoy.

Lucille and Mitt- Mitt Romney  has said some things that maybe aren't the wisest; Lucille Bluth from Fox's Arrested Development has said some things that maybe aren't the nicest. Put the two together and bam, it's meme heaven.  Follow along with the Lucille and Mitt tumblr to see the face that exemplifies all the waspiness of the 1% put with the words of America's Republican numbero uno.

EDIT: It's Mitt Vs. Obama in the presidential debate tonight 9-10:30 on most major channels. Apparently, Romney's been taking improv classes since August to prepare.  Following shortly after stay tuned for round  bajillon of Mitt Vs. Internet nerds everywhere as the meme's gain ammunition.

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