Thursday, October 4, 2012

World Series Odds and Picks

The playoff picture is set and framed, with games to start Friday evening.  In this postseason already filled with storylines, will their be a Cinderalla, an upset, a front runner?  Anything is possible in October.

Here are the bettings odds for each team winning the World Series:

New York Yankees   5/1
Washington Nationals   5/1
Cincinnati Reds   5/1
Detroit Tigers   6/1
Texas Rangers   7/1
Oakland Athletics   15/2
San Francisco Giants   15/2
Atlanta Braves   12/1
Baltimore Orioles   15/1
St. Louis Cardinals   15/1

It's tough for me to predict how the postseason will go this year without my biases getting in the way, but that's half the fun, really.  No one can deny how strong the Tigers pitching rotation is, or how the Yankees are getting hot as the most opportune time.  You can't overlook the Reds offense, and you can never really count the Cardinals out of anything.  With all that said, here are my picks.

Wild Card

AL: RANGERS over Orioles

NL: BRAVES over Cardinals 

Division Series

AL: ATHLETICS over Tigers

YANKEES over Rangers 

NL: REDS over Giants

BRAVES over Nationals

Championship Series

ATHLETICS over Yankees

REDS over Braves

World Series

REDS over Athletics

Now, as we've seen with a number of my Red Sox posts throughout the season, I have been wrong several times.  But I'll start the conversation with my picks, so if anyone would like to disagree, throw some comments down below.


  1. I couldn't agree more in the AL only I think the Tigers will beat the Yankees and then lose to the A's. Last 3 years it hasn't been the best team but the team that has gotten hot at the right time that has gone deep and no teams are hotter than the A's and the Tigers right now.

    As far as the NL I have to disagree, I think the Giants will take the Reds and the Nat's will be able to take out the Braves for a fantastic pitching matchup in the NLCS. Ultimately I don't think the Nat's can beat Giants without Strasburg and a potent offense which means a Giants, A's battle of the Bay for the World Series. Ultimately, I think the Giants under MVP Buster Posey will take the cake.

    1. Realized my mistake in that the Tigers and A's play each other in the ALDS not the ALCS, so in that regard now I completely agree with you jon

  2. Braves over Tigers babayyyyy!!!! Wooohooooo!!! Win it for chippaaaa!!!!! Yeahhhh yeah. Buster posey sucks

  3. 0 for 2 so far, nice. Having said that, I like your picks for the series.

  4. 0 for 2 so far, nice. Having said that, I like your picks for the series.