Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Dan & The Wildfire - Smoke Signals

Dan & The Wildfire, formally known as Dan HL released their second album Tuesday titled "Smoke Signals."  The nine-track album packs a solid punch right off the bat, with a good mix of quick, fun songs later balanced out with some softer, lyric-heavy tunes.

Songs like "Wood and Wire" and "Keep Myself Alive" alone provide me with everything I've been looking for out of this band, and its no accident that they chose these songs to open and close the album respectively.  The singability of the lyrics, the harmonies, the horns -- they're such an easy band to get into, and with a constantly growing audience, I think they're really starting to hit their stride as a band.

"Good Enough" is a fast, in-your-face jam complete with a message embedded into chorus that everyone can relate to, making it one of the true highlights for me on the album, and the song I'm most looking forward to when I see these guys play live.  Its followed by two tracks, "Western Time" and "Sunday" that slowed things down and really drew me in, allowing me to catch my breath before it was all over.

The nine songs on "Smoke Signals" prove that Dan & The Wildfire is a much more dynamic band than their fist album, and solidifies them as one of the best up-and-coming bands in the Boston area.  You can check them out on iTunes, or catch them on Spotify, before they come back and play live in November.

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