Thursday, June 14, 2012

BIll Murray is still the man

Bill Murray is my ideal caricature of kick-ass granddad. At 62 years young, the man just refuses to stop living the dream. Video evidence above.  Rain delays at single A league games usually means damp beer and icecream runs, standing at a piss trough with too many hammerfaced dudes in matching shirts and hats or, since it's a minor league game, just leaving. This weekend Charlestown Riverdogs fans got to watch part-owner, general goofball, and comedy legend, Bill Murray slip and slide around the Riverdogs diamond like an overstimulated 8 yr old.  

Need more evidence that the Ghostbusters star has more swagger on the wrong side of 60 than I do on the right side of 25...

Keep smiling Bill, you earned it.

Put all this, and the 40+ years of critical and box office success aside and there are stories littering the internet  far and wide about his extracurricular shenanigans.  Highlights include: Kareoke with strangers, bartending with the Wu Tang Clan, and drunkenly stealing a golf cart in Sweden. Also, here I was thinking Tim Allen was the only drug dealer turned actor/funnyman, but lo and behold, the man who would be Carl Spackler, was arrested in 1971  trying to smuggle 9 pounds of marijuana through Chigago's O'hare airport. Guy likes to party.

Personal Sidebar: Apparently he's just an great guy to run into. I had a girlfirend in high school whose mom worked for a major airline and Bill Murray was on one of her flights.  They got to chatting and by the end of the night Bill and friends were eating dinner at her house/drawing caricatures of her kids. Sounds like a real down-to-earth kinda fella.

Bill Murray we salute you. Keep on not giving a shit and living like a 20-something rock star.

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