Friday, June 8, 2012

Jeremy Hellickson Doesn't Give a Sh*t?

If you think you know what Jeremy Hellickson is all about, you're probably wrong.  According to one elderly gentleman at Fenway Park last night (during the Sox-Orioles...) game, Hellickson's focus lies outside the game of baseball.

The guy came up to me and we got to talking for a minute before he found his seats, and he explained to me how he was born and raised in the northeast but currently lives in Florida.  He told me about "this good little ball team they got in Florida, the first place Rays."  They're in third place, but that's besides the point.

He told me how Carlos Pena, or "pee-nuh" as he pronounced it, was a great hitter, and how they got "a young pitcher, he's only 25, the kid, what's his name..."

After I guessed Matt Moore, David Price and James Shields incorrectly, I finally guessed Hellickson's name, and the guy lit up, and filled me in on this fact:

"Hellickson, now he's up there, chewin' gum, like he don't, give, a shit!"

I don't know what I'm supposed to take that to mean, but I love it.  I'll look forward to the next time Hellickson starts to witness this.

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