Saturday, June 16, 2012

Red Sox Don't Know What They Are, Existentialism Runs Rampant In Clubhouse

 "I don't know that a team necessarily has a personality, but I don't think this team has totally figured out what they are because there have been so many changing parts," Bobby Valentine said. "I don't know how they're looking at themselves. It must be a moving target."

It's June.  Figure it out.  You're a baseball team with the second highest payroll in the game, and you can't win to save your life.  I'd be happy if just one aspect of their game was solid, but on any given night, they're passable at best. 

Kevin Youkilis and Josh Beckett are absolute cancers to the team.  The team is 14-19, which seems to be a trend with every last place team in the league.  This team needs to take some time and figure this out.  How can you expect to go out there 100% if your team can't figure out their own identity.  I understand injuries have thrown a few wrenches into the mix, but look at Toronto.  In their last 5 games they've had 3 starting pitchers go down with injuries - and they're still a game better than us.

"To their credit, we've learned to deal with it," Valentine said. "Sometimes guys start making excuses and using that as a crutch. I haven't heard any of that. It's more like what we were referring to earlier. It's part of the group's mentality and personality, whatever it is. They overcome stuff."

Overcome a sub-.500 record then we'll talk.

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