Saturday, June 23, 2012

Justin Ruggiano is Better Than You

I understand this picture doesn't do this play justice, so immediately watch this video.

Justin Ruggiano has been platooning in the Marlins' outfield of late, given the dismal 2-14 stretch they're on, and the nagging injuries to Logan Morrison.  But its been a long time since I've seen a catch like this from anybody.

This sort of play reminds me of that one clip of Jim Edmonds when he played on the Angels.  He was sprinting straight back, took one last look over the shoulder and down, headlong, numbers facing home plate and made the circus catch just shy of the warning track, looking like he was completely guessing as to where the ball was going to come down.  Unreal.  This play, not as awesome, but that takes some serious athleticism.

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  1. No kidding and it's about time this player gets some real playing time in the bigs and recognition! He has all five tools and can offer the Marlins some much needed offense and defense.