Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Red Sox Win, Earth Stops Spinning for 3 Minutes

The Red Sox beat the Miami Marlins, 2-1, to get their second win in the past 10 days.  Lordy lordy, hallelujah!

Game ball goes to Kelly Shoppach, who went 2-4 with an RBI and scored the other run himself.  Second star goes to Clay Buchholz.  I still can't really figure out how he has seven wins with an ERA still over five, but hey, whatever works, I guess.

The Sox are still two games under .500.  Its still early in th-- Wait a minute.  Its June.  Enough is enough.  There's way too much talent on this team to be under .500 this late.  Adrian Gonzalez is under-performing, to say the least, with 5 home runs and 49 strikeouts for a .260 average.  Only four players on the Sox are hitting over .300, with just as many players hitting under .260.

The lowest ERA of our starters is Josh Beckett, with 4.14.  Awful.  And power pitching is out the window, considering only two have over 60 strikeouts.

Saving graces of the Red Sox?  Scott Atchison and Will Middlebrooks.  Taking the bronze medal would be Cody Ross, and this .GIF above will show up a lot more once he's back in the line-up.  Losing outfielders every day is becoming demoralizing, but eventually you would think the team would say enough is enough and step up.  Sox play tomorrow night, with Felix Doubront facing Ricky Nolasco.

Go Sox.

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