Monday, June 11, 2012

Chris Perez Continues to Prove He is an Animal

Chris Perez cannot be stopped.  He just got his 20th save of the season, keeping the Cleveland Indians just a half game out of first place.  Not only is he mowing down batters with ease, he apparently handles a stomach bug pretty easily, too.

''I drank some warm water and I ran out there and it just didn't settle well,'' Perez said. ''What am I going to do, call timeout and run into the dugout?

''If you remember, a couple years ago in spring training it was the same situation. So I need to stay away from warm water.''

That you do.  Because that was gross.  But hey, that takes serious guts to get out there on the mound and still pitch, nevermind get the save, when you feel like that.

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