Monday, June 25, 2012

Youkilis Wearing Different Sox, Chicago Bound

The trade has finally been made; one that Red Sox Nation knew was imminent in the past couple weeks.  The advent of Will Middlebrooks and the under-production from Kevin Youkilis totaled up to a trade with the Chicago White Sox for Brent Lillebridge and Zach Stewart.

Youkilis has been known to be a problem in the clubhouse, and barely hitting over .100 in June while his counterpart Middlebrooks hit over .700 meant the Sox would have to take action quick to get anything back for him.

Youkilis tripled in his final at-bat in Fenway, and was pulled for a pinch-runner, giving the Fenway Faithful ample time to give Youkilis the send-off he deserved.

Nothing can discredit was Youkilis has done for the Sox, especially in 2007, but of late, his style and his play have been nothing but detrimental to the club. 

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