Sunday, June 17, 2012

Usually Annoying, But Every Now And Again Yelling After a Tee Shot is Hilarious

I assume everyone has at least heard the "mashed potatoes" guy by now.  It generally annoys me now when people yell after tee shots.  Its just a bunch of goons, one after the other, trying to outdo the previous outburst.  But then you have a few cases like today.

Ernie Els was taking his second shot out of the rough, and upon contact, a Chewbacca noise came flying out of the gallery.  Unfortunately, that one is going to take the silver medal today, thanks to the video above.  A+ for a Flintstones reference after a Graeme McDowell bomb off the box.

Webb Simpson with the lead in the clubhouse right now, 1-over.

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