Monday, June 18, 2012

Tennis Player Kicks Advertisement, Gashes Line Judges Leg -- Police are investigating an assault complaint filed against David Nalbandian after the Argentine tennis player kicked an advertising board and injured a line judge during the Queen's Club final.

London police declined to say who made the complaint against Nalbandian, who was defaulted from Sunday's match against Marin Cilic in the grass-court Wimbledon warm-up event.

Any member of the public who witnessed the event in person or on television could have made a complaint, as could the line judge himself.

Nalbandian won the first set 7-6 (3) but lost his temper after losing serve to fall behind 3-4 in the second. After missing a running forehand on game point, he kicked the board under the chair of line judge Andrew McDougall. A piece of the board cut the judge on the left shin, leaving him bloodied from an inch long gash.

Smooth, dude. I understand that was the closest thing to him, but how did he not see the guy right there. The board was practically made of plastic, you had to expect that it was going to snap. Take it out on the racket, or on the court, you nut job.

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