Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Baller on a Budget: Get Nice

Once upon a time, a good friend of mine barged into my dorm wearing a 3 piece suit, power-fisting strong mojitos and demanded,  "WHERE ARE YOUR FANCY THINGS?"  Luckily, I pointed to my closet, jumped into a button-up, tie and vest, and never had to find out what was the punishment for breaking dress code on Mojito Weekend.  Would you be so lucky? In case you're having a tough time mentally putting together the proper attire for a spiffy night out on the town or assembling the best biz-cajh outfit in the office, let the guys over at www.jackthreads.com help you out.

With collected sales from a number of retailers ranging from well known brands like Vans or Busted Tees to smaller specialty sellers, this website pools both limited engagement sales and older or overstocked items.  Style wise think Urban Outfitters without hipster cashiers, more office wear and way less stuff overpriced out the cornhole.  Specific items can be tricky, like shoes, which you kind of have to hunt and peck around for the right size and style but with unbeatable accessory prices this is definitely the right time to step your tie game up.

Some of these deals are really impressive.  Shoes from $10 and up, pants starting at $35 and a bunch of nifty/pop-arty accessories for your new apartment including prints by Banksy or a boozy coffeetable books.

Jackthreads is a members only site so you can either look forward to a bunch of email updates on sales and hot-selling items or you can do what I did and create a dump email account under a fake name, "Pemberton Buttlesticks" perhaps and enjoy all of the benefits without having to sift through weekly spam.

Don't get caught without your fancy things...you never know when Mojito Weekend could Three if By Strike again.

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  1. I live on jackthreads. At least half of my wardrobe, at least