Thursday, September 20, 2012

Chiefs Are Embarrassing Themselves, Mother, Father, the City, Wife, Children and Dogs and Cats

It rarely gets better than this.

Bob Fescoe, a sports talk radio host of AM-610 in Kansas City is fed up with the Chiefs.  During his show, he exploded for five minutes straight, going on an extensive rant fueled by the horrible start of the Kansas City Chiefs.  Just listening to it is absolutely hilarious, but a little bit scary at the same time.  He doesn't hold anything back.

He even tosses in the Kansas City Royals a few minutes in.  Their poor play is nothing new, and KC's losing ways will not fly anymore with Fescoe.  He could have been pumpkin picking, guys.  Come on.  Will this light a fire under the Chiefs?  I doubt it.  Will next week's rant be even more ridiculous?  I'll take that bet.

Here are my top five lines from the rant.

"You give people nothing to live for, you suck."

"Every professional athlete in this town blows right now!"

"Admit that you suck!"

"Why should we invest our Sundays, one of the two days we get off a week, to watching your complete trash!?"

"They should make prisoners watch the Chiefs, that should be punishment!"

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  1. dwayne bowe was pretty good for my fantasy team... Best line: "I could have gone Pumpkin Picking..."