Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pavel Datsyuk Gets Creative, Headbutts Puck Into the Net

The NHL lockout has been official for over a week, but that isn't stopping NHL stars from making headlines.  Red Wings star Pavel Datsyuk, currently playing for CSKA Moscow of the KHL, nearly scored his first goal in his home country, but had it waived off.

Datsyuk put the puck on net which created a rebound that went straight in the air.  As he followed his own shot, the only real play he had was to use his head, since you can't put the puck in with your hands or play it with your stick above the crossbar.  To me, that's a good goal right there.  Another ref making a bad call?  You decide.

I post this video with many mixed emotions as I love to see good quality hockey in any regard, but hate that this occurrence was the product of the NHL lockout.

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