Monday, September 17, 2012

Week 2 - Bills Backers of Boston: Its Spiller Time

I have never been a huge football fan.  Growing up, all I watched was the Red Sox and UConn men's and women's basketball.  Hockey became my next love since the first lockout ended, but now finds itself in limbo with a second.  That's a whole separate issue entirely.

Football was always just something to watch, never something to root for.  I would root against the Giants because having already hated the Yankees, I figured that made the most sense.  Rooting for the Eagles was my next move, being a huge Donovan McNabb fan.  But I never found myself being able to stick with a team.

A few seasons ago, someone I went to high school with, two years older than me, was drafted out of Iowa to the Detroit Lions -- Amari Spievey.  Lions were a decent team, and who doesn't love Ndamukong Suh?  Well, a lot of people don't, but again, a separate issue.

My good friend Bill, the same Bill who wrote our first ever Supporter Submission, was a tried and true Bills fan.  I thought to myself, at least no one will call me a bandwagoner.  Turns out, best sports decision I've made in a while.  Another friend of ours, Span, is also a Bills fan, hailing from Niagara Falls.  So on Sunday, we drove down to The Harp, a bar right across from the TD Garden, to join the Bills Backers of Boston for the game against the Chiefs.

We got a little lost and missed out on the free t-shirt giveaway before the game, but the remainder of the day was fantastic.  The bar was filled with Bills jerseys from Jim Kelly and Thurman Thomas to Ryan Fitzpatrick and Mario Williams.  Bill and I were rocking Doug Flutie and Takeo Spikes.  There was one disgruntled Chiefs fan there, and a few Patriots jerseys stressing out over Tom Brady's early interception.

We started off with some nachos and the bar's favorite, Labatt Blue.  I had never gone to a bar with the sole intent of watching a football game, but I don't think I'll be going anywhere else but Harp in the future.  All eyes were on the TVs watching the game, and after running back CJ Spiller broke free for a big run, a guy behind me just goes "It's Spiller Time, baby."  And yes it was.  The best part about a Bills touchdown?  Hearing the Bills'd out version of "Shout."

In Week 1, Spiller came in for the injured Fred Jackson and picked up nearly 170 yards.  In Week 1, the Bills got trounced by the Jets, 48-28.  But, in Week 1 at Harp, over 300 pounds of wings were consumed by halftime, and the only replacing being done was to the kegs -- eight kegs of Labatt were emptied by the end of the day.  A suburb of Buffalo, indeed.

The Bills were an offensive machine against the Chiefs, with little thanks to Fitzpatrick, and won 35-17.  If you're not a huge football fan, go to The Harp for a Bills game and you will be.  And if you're a Pats fan, come with us Week 4 when the two square off.  Go Bills.


  1. This doesn't address the fact that you are a New Englander and that at no time did it cross your mind to root for the New England Patriots...

  2. Look, man. I lost the Whalers, then was teased into thinking the Patriots were going to be the next pro team in Hartford. That was more than I could take.