Monday, September 10, 2012

New DMB Single - Mercy

New Dave Matthews Band CD, "Away From the World," will release on Tuesday.  The CD's single, "Mercy," was released a few weeks ago, accompanied by a music video featuring pictures and videos submitted by 14, 334 fans.

Pretty cool concept.  I'm not much for music videos anyway, but I dig it.  As for the song, it seems as though Dave Matthews is going a different direction with his music these days.  This song sounds quasi-political, much like "Funny The Way It Is."  Both are good songs, but the songs seem to rely heavier on the lyrics than they do on the music.

The song builds nicely, and its always awesome to hear Carter Beauford's signature style on percussion, so I'll take it.  New album comes out Tuesday, I got in pre-ordered on iTunes, so I'll be reviewing it soon.

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