Friday, September 28, 2012

September Must See's: The Master, Sleepwalk with Me, Looper

September has been a great month to watch movies. Mike Birbiglia's "Sleepwalk with Me," P.T. Anderson's "The Master" and Rian Johnson's "Looper" are some of the cream of the crop if you're thinking about taking in a flick anytime soon.

Sleepwalk With Me - Comedian Mike Birbiglia tells the story of his struggle finding his feet as a comedian while dealing with the end of a long term relationship and a rapidly developing sleepwalking disorder.   Adapted from his hilarious one man show, this limited release is tricky to find but absolutely worth it.  A charming, honest and incredibly awkward tale, I had one of the better times that I can remember laughing along with Birbiglia's refusal to see a doctor even after nightfighting the Jackal, actually a hamper, one stressful night at his folks.  "Sleepwalk with Me" is currently playing at the Coolidge Corner theater in Brookline.

The Master - This movie is an Oscar-bait cream dream.  Stunning performances from Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Joaquin Phoenix drive P.T. Anderson's latest masterpiece to legendary levels.  Joaquin plays a completely unrepentant drunk who falls in with Phillip Seymour Hoffman's, an  intellectual cult leader, inner circle.  I don't know enough about Scientology to confirm whether or not this film is a dramatization of Elron Hubbard's sci-fi religion but I do know that if it is, then that's absolutely terrifying. I am a huge fan of "Boogie Nights" and I might have to make the leap and say that "The Master" is my favorite offering from Anderson, it's that good. At just over two hours I left the theater last Saturday already planning my next showtime.  Also playing at The Coolidge, try and catch this one on Anderson's special 70mm film showings at the Harvard Ave movie house.

Looper- This movie is going to be playing everywhere and should be seen by everyone. A time-travel-assassin-noir-action-thriller starring Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon Levitt as two version of the same person trying to kill each other. Whoa. Even if the movie wasn't directed by Rian Johnson, who helmed and wrote the vastly under-appreciated high-school noir "Brick," I would probably cactch this one just out of sheer curiosity about how it ever got past the initial pitch. As with all Rian Johnson movies expect twists, amazing dialogue and a compelling plot to keep you thinking from title screen to the credits. I'm seeing it tomorrow and I'm absolutely psyched.

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