Monday, September 10, 2012

Gronk's Butterfingers Only Apply to Spikes, Luckily Not Catches

Just before the end of the first half in the Patriots-Titans opening weekend game, Tom Brady hit Rob Gronkowski in the back corner of the end zone to go up 20-3.  Gronk appeared to start the 2012 campaign right where he left off (minus that whole postseason injury thing...), until his signature celebration.

Shortly after the dramatic pause for emphasis, Gronk attempted his earth-shattering ball spikes only to have the ball come flying out of his hand on the uptake.  Wildly confused, Gronk looks around as if he's a little kid who dropped his bottle from his high chair.  But don't worry, he makes up for it by awkwardly looking around for someone to chest bump.

Week 1 spike -- not so good.  Week 2 spike?  He may have a few chances against the Cardinals.

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