Monday, September 24, 2012

Baller/Boston on a Budget: Bodega 40-50% off Online Sale

Another sale with a time frame so catch the details here at threeifbystrike and reap the benefits.  Check out Bodega's massive 40-50% season's end online sale here at the Bodega Online shop website.  Now, Bodeda's notorious for having a major pricetag and for the most part that still applies to most of the sale items but dig deeper into the discounts and you'll find sneakers for $30, funky Oxford's for $40, and Tank tops for $35.  The sizing works like Jackthreads, where what's available is what they got. Threeifbystrikers  are going to have to move fast if you're not on the super small/super tall spectrum, where a lot of stock remains.

What's Bodega?  Five years ago I asked the same question and made the trip with friends to the unassuming 6 Clearway st. address and walked out with a pair of Nike high-tops I still wear today. Whenever friends or cool family members are in town this is definitely on my Underbelly of Boston Tour.  If you haven't been there or heard what make Bodega such a special Boston spot, besides their high quality/hugely dope sneakers and urban wear, I won't spoil the surprise but will recommend freeing up an afternoon to check it out in person.

For those out-of-town Bodega fans, compulsive online shoppers, or if your collection of sneaks could use a boost then this Bodega online sale is perfect.  Keep an eye out for their pop-up shop on  Brookline ave at the 4th Wall Project. Usually when the season ends they move the stock over here to try and clear as much as they can with seriously discounted prices.  Get after it!

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  1. PS-Deal of the Day #2:50% off all DVDs & Blu-rays in The Criterion Collection. Head to the website, and at the checkout add the promo code FLASH. Movies in top quality, alternative special features, commentary, interviews, documentaries on every Criterion movie. I just got Seven Samurai, Naked Lunch and The Beastie Boys Music Video Anthology and I am pumped!