Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Update

Ladies and Germs! It's been a productive week here at ThreeifbyStrike with only more to come so keep checking in and we'll keep throwing it down.  On the off chance that your at home reading blogs and haven't got plans for the day, don't worry, there's tons to do in Boston this weekend. Here's a rundown:
Never been to the North End?! Whaddaya allergic to cannolis or somethin'? Never fear, there's a free adult field trip going on today starring Hanover Street, and the rest of Boston's Little Italy. Go ahead and explore the tiny streets, tinier holes in the wall, and try not to buy a slice or scoop of gelato. End the day on a trip to the bar with the rest of the group. Don't forget to keep an eye on your buddy; it's a system old as time, it's for your safety and it works. A buddy never leaves a buddy behind.
It's the last weekend in September and if your over 21 then Harpoon Brewery is the place to celebrate the beginning of fall, the start of Octobeard and oh yeah, OKTOBERFEST!  $20 gets you through the gates, 2 beer tickets and a free Harpoon glass at this yearly Autumn shindig.   Slip into ole Grand-Poppa Wolfhausen's lederhosen, pop a chicken hat on your dome, stick a sausage in your mouth and suck beers at Boston proper's biggest brewery. That ooomm-paaah beats gots me going crazy! 2-9pm at the Harpoon Brewery.  Red line it to South Station and hop on the free shuttle until you can smell beer and Germans.

No dough for Oktoberfest? Not enough clams for pastries and bar festivities? Come check out Purity Ring at for free from 6-9pm on Northeastern's Quad. Peep the deets here and check out my intro to why you should be keeping up with these guys progress. Did I mention that the percussionist plays a beat/lightshow machine that he built himself?
Sunday's are for football and brunch. It's a formula that's been around since Drew Bledsoe at least and this Football Sunday's shaping up to be an exciting one for ThreeifbyStrike.  Bills vs. Pats battle it out in Buffalo's Ralph Wilson Stadium while Jon and I battle it out at the Harp.  With CJ Spiller listed as questionable and the Pat's whole offense looking probable in past weeks it's gonna be a show fe sho. 
Now it's been some time since Jon and I started our internet video battle and as near as I can tell the field's looking very even at the moment...which I hate. We're gonna need some viewer input on this one and let the people decide who's the best at mining internet gold.  The rules are simple: most views, comments, or votes wins and chooses a Boston based Gentlemen's bet for punishment. Here are my ideas for things I would love to see Jon do:

1.Take a picture with your pants off anywhere besides a bathroom in the MFA.

2.Try to finish a Boston food challenge, Spike's, Tasty Burger, or any on this list from Loser's choice.

3. Ride any two MBTA Lines from start to end in one day. Blue and Orange? Red and Green? Do you go for speed or distance? Loser's choice.

Click on my offering HERE and ignore Jon's HERE. Leave comments, repost everywhere and click click click away. We'll put up a vote on the sidebar soon and whip our mathematician's into figuring out who wins Ye' Olde Internet Video Battle once and for all.

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