Thursday, September 27, 2012

Field Trip Boston-This Saturday

Not totally sure what this Field Trip Boston deal is but it's free and it sure couldn't hurt to learn a little more about the hub so check it out if your plans for Saturday only extend as far as "hanging over."

From as near as I can tell this is the plan, sign up for a free ticket, meet in the North End at 3, wander around till 6, and then party with the other field trippers at Savas Studios.  From the linked site it sounds like all the best parts about your 4th grade trips to the Science Museum and Plymouth Rock except there are no chaperons and the day ends with booze.
Sidebar: I was up late last night pretending like I didn't have to be up by 6:30 for work and I needed some get up and go tunes to get  up and over the hump.  Maybe you do too...maybe not, maybe f**k yahself.

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