Thursday, September 27, 2012

Guinness Believer at Ned Devine's

True to my word, this past Tuesday I wandered over to Faneuil and took part in the Guinness Believer event. Since then people have been asking about it, so here's what went down. 

I got to Ned Devine's a little early, about 5:30, to beat the crowd for the 6:00 event only to find things pretty quiet.  After showing my reservation confirmation at the door I waited in a sidebar area until beer crew was ready for us.  Don't worry if you haven't printed out a confirmation code or if you want to bring some friends at the last minute. There are registration stations at Ned's for those living on the fly and plenty of space at the bar, so grab that weird co-worker or classmate and loosen them up a bit over a pint. 

They let us in around six and started setting out hor d'oeuvres. Bingo...Jackpot...Game ON.  Mini-pizza slices, housemade potato chips and buff or BBQ chicken wraps? Fug-ghed-aboutit. They brought out tray after tray of gnosh so if you don't mind catching a few eyes while feeding your face, then go nuts. Eat like you paid for it.

Half stuffed and carrying a full plate of snacks I then made my way to get a beer. If your going to wait in line at this thing definitely wait in the "Learn to Pour your own Guinness," queue.  Not to say that I have the golden touch and nailed the perfect draft but I'll let the Guinness pour technique rattle around my brain for a while. Eating free food, drinking free stout that I poured off the tap for myself, not a bad Tuesday night at all.  

The rest of the event consisted of a presentation on the origins of Guinness and then a guided taste test of Guinness Foreign Stout and the new Black Lager.  I ended up walking away from the night with a belly full of food, some delicious beer, a Black lager tasting glass and the know how on the best way to pour Ireland's signature brew. All this for the low, low price of zero. 

There are still slots open for registration at 6:00, 7:30, and 9:30 tonight if you need a place to go after work or somewhere to start pregaming for free before it gets really thirsty  Thursday.  Guinness Believer:  Strike tested, Strike approved.

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