Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Packers' TJ Lang Goes Off on Twitter, Best Tweets I've Ever Seen

First off, I have tried to stay away from anything to do with the NFL replacement referee situation for as long as possible.  Even after last night's play in the video above, I was convinced I wasn't going to blog about it.  Then I heard about the TJ Lang postgame tweets.

So I don't need to touch on anything from the play because a) you've already discussed it at great length with several of your friends, and b) even if you haven't yet, you can see here how ridiculous it is.

But what I do need to point out is what Packers guard Lang had to say following the game.  His tweets were aimed directly at the NFL, and left nothing to the imagination.  The two tweets below are also 40 minutes apart, showing that he and his teammates are clearly not getting over this any time soon.  Its good to see a player lashing out like this after such a ridiculous scenario.

Twitter is starting to bear more and more weight in the real world, especially when it comes to sports, like we saw in the London Olympics.  Lang will definitely receive a serious fine for this, but what does he care?  More players need to speak up.  Owners need to speak up.  Hell, everyone with a mouth needs to speak up.  This is outrageous

(Warning: Rough language used in the tweets below, Three If By Strike apologizes, but they are not our words)

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