Monday, September 10, 2012

Commercial Battle - Hanes vs Old Spice

Jon once again comes up with something totally brillant. I am all about Commercial Battle, so here are my first offerings for the chopping block.

Terry Crews is the funniest monster since The Muppet's Sweetums and the fact that most of the dialogue in the video is just yelling makes it. First view is all about shock and awe on this one but come back for a replay and check out the details they snuck in, like the 4-foot paper mache Terry head that syncs mouth and eye movement with real Terry.  "Flame Sax Solo!" Flame Sax Sold, my pit stink is dominated by that Classic old and spicy scent.

The Hanes commercial is an oldie but a goodie and gets me laughing every time. Something about it just nails the shenanigans dads can get into while mom's away.  They make a huge mess, waste a ton of time and didn't solve the problem they were trying to accomplish; aka the perfect father-son activity.  Throw a bb-gun and slingshots into the mix and this could be the best Saturday ever for that six year old.  The way the kid says "yeah sick of it," with such conviction is when I lose it. "Sick of it!"

I'll leave it up to you the readers to decide but I might have to give it to Old Spice on this one. Muscle music and Terry Crews are just too strong to deny.  Whaddya think?

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